Virtual Social Clubs

About Us

Our Interests


Lifestyle marketing virtual social club with exclusive member access.

The Excitement


Island retreat, tour packages, fitness sorority, agency and brand building.

The Real Deal


Our media house, real estate interest and tourism portfolio are thriving markets.

Lovenjoy Tours®

Virtual social club with exotic vacation packages exploring beautiful landscapes with diverse cultural escapades. 

Lovenjoy Estate®

Corporate shareholding for land development, building a twin tower villa overlooking the city and sea of Kingston, Jamaica.

Lovenjoy Media®

Lovenjoy Media® is now a Webcasting agency for your personal and professional brand building.

Lovenjoy Agency®

Secured two reality shows for clients, sponsored a school for world aerobics champion and managed several artists.

Lovenjoy Fitness®

Virtual social club, a network of personal trainers, workout partners, excursions and trips. 

Lovenjoy Ladies®

Virtual lifestyle sorority of sophisticated women, groomed as micro-celebrities with multimedia portfolios.